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Outdoor Signs: Yard and Sidewalk Sign

A “yard sign” is any sign that might be use in the yard of a private home. It could be a real estate sign advertising the house For Sale or For Lease, it might be a political sign recommending someone for Dog Catcher or it could be an advertising sign for some company that has just completed a re-roofing or re-paving job for the homeowner. The term “sidewalk sign” applies to any free- standing, portable sign that can be placed on the sidewalk in front of a store (sometimes also called “A-frames” because those with two panels form an “A” shape. Today there’s a huge variety of these types of signs and many of them have only a single vertical panel. Some are as simple as a couple of chalk or dry erase boards hinged together. Others may have elegant photo prints that can be easily changed simply by snapping open the spring loaded aluminum frame around the perimeter of the sign.