Engraving 1
Select an item from our extensive selection of sterling silver jewelry then have it personalized with the inscriptiong of your choice.


Between our large, powerful rotary engraver, high tech laser engraver and smaller rotary engraver, there are very few items that Hightech Signs cannot engrave. Engravable items include not only “hard materials” such as rigid plastics, metals, stone, marble, glass and slate but also soft flexible items such as vinyl, leather, etc. Since all our engraving systems are computer driven, they can engrave text and graphic designs in mind-boggling detail and accuracy and at speeds that do not result in mind-boggling expense. Whether the item to be engraved is an elegant marble desk ornament, a personalized baseball, a ceremonial sword, a silver Jefferson Cup, an I-phone or a champagne glass, we can engrave it.