Engraving 1
Ipads are often targets for theives. They are highly portable and there is a strong demand for them. When permanently engraved with the owner's name, they become substantially less disposable.

Engraving: Identification

Today, it seems, everyone has far more possessions than past generations and many of those items, especially those associated with technology, have become smaller and more portable, to the extent that they can be carried inconspicuously in a purse or a jacket pocket. Convenient as that may be, their very portability also makes them tempting targets for theft. Labels can be easily removed but engraved identification, although not a foolproof safeguard, is a substantial deterrent. Since we can engrave on almost any substrate, we have a constant demand for identification of small valuable items, whether the item happens to be a watch, a pocket knife, an I-pod, an I-pad, an I-phone, a camera or any other portable and saleable object.