Engraving 1
To engrave cylindrical objects requires sophisticatedequipmentAt Hightech Signs, we engrave cylindrical objects daily.

Engraving: Custom Engraving

Custom engraving is the fun part of having an engraving business. Customers will bring us all sorts of strange objects for engraving. These have included wooden chairs, ceremonial shovels, judge’s gavels, antiques of all descriptions, swords, band instruments, hand made pocket knives, wooden nickels and countless miscellaneous personal property items, including an automatic rifle.Other custom work may be totally utilitarian like creating the control panel for a private airplane, with accurately placed apertures of various sizes for the various flight gauges, replacement control panels for a hotel’s room air conditioning units or even something as simple as cutting a custom template for repetitive spray painting or creating hundreds of little metal ID plates with part number and incrementing serial numbers for an appliance manufacturer..