Engraving 1
This beautiful silver was elegantly engraved to commemorate the birth of a child. Even the polka dots were individually engraved.

Engraving: Unique Gifts

Except for immediate family, with whom one has daily contact, gift giving is never easy. Let’s face it, socks, ties, scarves, gloves or toasters, don’t usually evoke cries of joy from the recipient. We stock a range of unusual and thoughtful gifts but most importantly, each of those gifts can be engraved with the personal message of the giver, which is what makes them uniquely special. For instance, after a special occasion family gathering, a photo album to record the event with a thoughtful inscription engraved on the cover, would be a gift any recipient would treasure for years. A promotion at work might be celebrated with an engraved desk ornament. A kid’s pewter piggy bank becomes twice as desirable with the child’s name engraved. Since almost any item can be engraved, we will be happy to inscribe a gift purchased elsewhere.