Ready to re-open? How to get customers in the door…

Let Them Know You’re Open!

There’s light at the end of the tunnel!  Governor Northam announced Phase I re-opening will begin on May 15th.  Your customers have missed you and are eagerly awaiting your return.  Proper signage will send a message to passersby that you are open and ready for safe business.

Banner Frame Systems

Banner Frames

A business located in a busy area, like a high speed road, will benefit from a banner frame. This frame allows for a larger message and text. The general rule-of-thumb is 1″h letter for every 10-ft of viewing distance. Perfect for letting customers know you are open or supporting your staff!

Banner frames are easy-to-use and interchangeable. You can change out your banner as many times as you would like. Banners are a cost-effective sign solution, so you won’t have to splurge to change your signage. These frames come in two styles, the A-Frame Billboard and the Tall Billboard. There are a variety of sizes to pick from as well. Our skilled team can help you choose the best solution for your needs.

A-Frames, Swing Signs, & Yard Signs

If a large banner frame isn’t right for your business, there are smaller systems that may work. These solutions are great for low traffic areas or shops off of low-speed roads. A shopping center or outdoor mall are both examples of where these signs will work best.

A-Frames are a popular solution for many businesses. If you need to direct your customers to use a particular entrance or inform them of special hours for elderly patrons, a large a-frame would work great. They come in a variety of sizes ranging from 18″x 24″ to 2’x 3′ and multiple color options. The panels are changeable, making this a great long-term sign solution.

Small Sidwalk Signage

Swing Signs are a great way to share promotions or an upbeat message with your customers. Swing Signs come in a variety of different styles and colors, but the typical sign face is 2’x 3′. These signs are named “Swing Signs” for a reason, they swing!  The motion of the swinging panel can make the sign hard to read. So opt for simple messages like “50% OFF EVERYTHING”, “NOW OPEN” or “SHOP LOCAL”.

If you need something cheap, fast, and disposable a corrugated plastic yard sign might work best for you. While there are size limitations, 24″x 18″, yard signs are an easy way to send a quick message to your customers. We recommend keeping these signs simple and to-the-point. Much like the Swing Sign, you can let customers know that you are open, that you now offer curbside pickup, or inform them of your new hours.

NEW! Protective Counter Shields & Sneeze Guards

We are now offering protective counter shields and sneeze guards as a way for our customers to keep their staff safe and well. This solution provides an easy and polite way to maintain a safe distance from customers. Our in-house design is made to keep you protected and make transactions a breeze.

Large sneeze guards located at checkouts, reception desks, or food counters are another way to ensure your employees are kept safe. These are affordable, temporary options that can be simply placed on the counter. The acrylic thickness helps to ensure a sturdy design that won’t be easily knocked over. Rounded corners help to prevent unwanted breakage from handling. Our design is one you can trust!

Once everything has settled down, many are going to be establishing a “new normal”. To keep your staff safe after COVID, we offer sophisticated, permanent options for your business. These options can be mounted to a counter or hang from the ceiling. The acrylic is easy to change out if needed. We can also make custom graphics, like short-use decals, to brand your protective barrier and further elevate your business brand. 

Interior Signage and Sneeze Guards

Feather Flags

Feather flags are sure to grab attention! A huge benefit of the feather flag is that they are tall. Unlike a corex or a-frame sign, people will be able to see your flag over a crowd or through most traffic. Feather flags also move with the wind, which makes them almost impossible to miss. Feather flags come in multiple base options. The spiked base is best used outside and in the ground. If you aren’t able to spike your flag stand in the ground or need an interior-use base, a footed stand or pedestal base will work best. Ballast are available to help keep your sign secure when outside. To get the most movement from your flag, we recommend choosing the single-reverse option. Double-sided flags are also available, but due to the extra weight they do not flow in the wind as well.

When designing your feather flag remember that less is more. You are working with a limited space and a sign that will eventually be slightly moving. You do not want to choose an overly wordy message or a busy design. Instead, choose eye-catching colors, bold type and a simple message. Stay away from busy background images and be sure to use contrasting colors. Lastly, keep in mind that stacking type can make a sign harder to read, so stack type with caution.

Floor Decals

Floor decals can be an effective way to keep customers 6ft apart at all times. You can also use floor decals as a method to keep customers spaced properly, or out of particular areas and away from employees. Using professional decals is safe and will not create a trip hazard. They are also cost-effective and removable, for once this virus is behind us.

Bathroom Decals & Signs

While washing your hands after going to the restroom is expected, a gentle reminder never hurts anyone. We can create temporary decals that remind customers and employees to wash their hands. We can also make Hand Washing 101 signs for anyone who needs to brush up on their hand washing. You may just want to leave these up all year around! If that’s the case, just let us know. We can provide you with more permanent sign solutions for your restrooms.

Easel Back Signs

Some businesses are opting to limit certain payment methods as much as possible to help prevent the spread of germs. Easel Back Signs are an easy way to inform others of your preferred payment methods, like an Online Portal, Tap & Pay, and/or No Cash If Possible.

Window Signs

Hanging window signs are great for informing your customers of proper procedures before they enter the building. Suction cups allow for an easy install. You can install these on your front door or large storefront window. We recommend an interior install with the sign facing out. Best of all, we offer a paper-based substrate known as EcoBoard. No plastic here! Keep your carbon footprint low and others safe with our window signs.

With over 30 years of experience, we are confident in our ability to pick the best signage for your business. In the contact form below, leave your information, details, and brief description of what you are aiming to achieve and we will get back to you shortly. Thank you for choosing Hightech Signs!

We value health and safety first. Have questions about the Coronavirus? Learn more about COVID-19 here: 

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